Pumped BMX 3 Відгуки

Awesome and horrible

This game is super fun and has no shortage of fun levels. Although this game never saves the things that you unlock! It deleted all of my levels and powers that I unlocked.


I love this game! It’s fun and has it’s challenging tasks to keep you hooked!! My ONLY complaint, give you an option to turn off tilt feature! Or at least be able to change tilt sensitivity. 👍🏼

Good but there could be more

I love this game I playboy all the time. It is a bit tough but that is what's makes it fun. I just wish that they would make another version of this game that is like skiing or skateboarding. it takes up time when ever I am bored or have nothing to do.

Pump bmx 3

Game is sick wish they had a quarter pipe or a mega ramp

Best pumped yet

Best pumped bmx yet! Love how you can take different lines and trails flow realistically!

Fun but...

Really fun game but some of this stuff is kind of hard to do. Seams a little hard for most people to beat the game. I mean I only have the first 3 locations 100% completed and that was such a challenge. I couldn’t imagine getting the others 100% I want to be able to unlock all of the hidden features.

No regrets!

This is by far the best box game! Totally worth the cost!

Save my progress

I stopped playing this game for like a month and when I started playing again every time I would leave the app it would erase my current progress

Still the best

The best bmx game and it gets better every time


Every time I close the app it clears all my progress all the way back to the original tutorial

Can u get a hoiyaaa

I love scootering and skateboarding but i like this better than roblox

Worth the bucks

I just got this and already have custom bike. Love the challenge gives me a five star. Love all my favorite riders including young for Sunday. Challenging, love the high score bug fix and thanks for a game that fits my needs even though I ride scooters. If you are reading get this now.

Best game ever!!

You guys should work on making a game for consuls!


Really fun bmx game thats all i need to say buy this game


I love this game. I played it all the time since the day it came out but then I complete all challenges and saw a while back that there were going to be add ons released which never happened. I know you’re now making a new game but how hard could it really be to throw us a few extra maps?


Just bought the app today and every time I try to open it, it crashes plz help really wanna play the game

Great Game!

This is a really fun game. It’s the best bmx game by far. The only thing is I think they should make it easier to unlock the fakie, bobble head, etc.


This game is wicked addictive and I’m so glad I bought it.


Awesome gameplay keep up the good work

Solid game

Good physics and great challenges. Some easy and some take legit practice.

Really really good

Could you please make this into a scooter game


It’s a very fun game don’t get me wrong but my friend can customize there bikes but I can not maybe it’s a glitch or unlock but I’m pretty far into the game though

Buy it it's well worth it

Super realistic, graphics are great the tricks are great over all one of the best games on the App Store


Lit af

Best one so far!

I have all three games...this one's the best!

Great game, worth the money

Probably one of the greatest games I've ever purchased on my phone, I haven't gotten one ad, I've had the game for almost a year now and still have a bunch of levels to work on, and it's impossible to get over the 24 tricks that you can use (not including spins, flips or manuals)


I am obsessed with this game

The best

Worth a buy

Never gets old

This game has so many levels and challenges it's an awesome game

5 Star Game!!!!!

By far one of the funniest app games I have ever played hands down!

Best BMX Game

Tons of fun.


Could be easier

Ultimate Addicting Game

This game is great. So much fun!

Buy it.

Game is so on point.


This game is amazing, I play it all day long… probably isn't healthy but I still love it!!


Adddddddddicting beyond belief

The best

So much fun recreating all my favorite tricks and lines.

Best action sports game out there!

Get it! The graphics, the physics, everything! It's too easy to lose track of time playing this. It is by far the best action sports game for the iPhone. It's basically the "skate 3" of bmx for iPhones. When you find a course you like, and a good line of tricks for it, you can literally play the same map over and over again. A good flow is very satisfying! Love this game.


Super addictive and fun. Easy to challenging ,this game has it all. Some added levels would be nice as an upgrade. Hint hint....

Favorite Game

I really don't play that many games but this game is always fun. Brings me back to my childhood!

It won't save any progress

I've been playing this game for a week now and not once has it saved my progress in the game. Like when I got to the forest and I was done playing for the day I would wake up and get on it and I had to restart all the levels it happens all the time.!?..

Best ever

This is the best app game ever ever ever so much endless fun and makes bmx games have a good rep again

Great way to spend a rainy day.


Super fun, smooth riding.

Love this. I don't ride much anymore.. but I can play this and still snap a mean turndown over a big dirt jump :D. Hope it comes to Xbox!!!

Love it!!!

I've been looking for a good bmx game and this is the best one yet, coming from someone who actually rides this game is legit!

AWESOME but...😒

Ok so I really love the game but please PLEASE Add a freestyle mode where you can do what you want like where it's an endless level with all kinds of ramps where you can do any tricks you want that would be amazing other than that it's an awesome game please add that tho

Best bmx game

Love this game. Challenges are hard but not impossible and the levels can be played a hundred times and they're still fun.


100%Great So I just wanna say one thing that 100% scooter riders play this...(I'm A Scooter Rider I can do back flips grinds tail whips and a lot of stuff)But,It's So good I love it


THIS GAME IS BEST. Absolutely love it so addictive so fun. BEST mobile bmx game. Will there be a four ? Or update with new levels ? I need more this is so fun

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